Hiring a good lawyer is very important especially when an issue or case reaches the court. Self “lawyering” has its limitations – you can easily draft your own contracts, negotiate with clients and settle a dispute with your spouse but when legal matters arise, you should have a good lawyer to depend on. Here are the qualities that you should look for when hiring a lawyer.


A lawyer is a professional that ministers the legal needs of an individual through the application of legal knowledge and principles. It is thus very important to look for a qualified and competent lawyer. In times of legal dispute,Aside from successfully completing his or her law course, he should have passed the bar exams and has a license to practice as a lawyer. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for his or her qualifications before consultation. Normally, you will find their certifications and affiliations conspicuously displayed for clients to see.


All qualified lawyers are specializing in a specific field. A lawyer may have expertise in one or more of the following: labor law, international law, civil law, litigation, taxation law and criminal law. This is why some lawyers will be regarded as a family attorney, divorce lawyer, criminal defense attorney or litigation lawyer. You should remember that a lawyer acquires these specializations through experience and not just because they want to put these specializations on their calling card.


The credibility of a lawyer is very important as this may mean he is established, respected and well-known among his peers and in the industry. He will be trustworthy and have a good reputation which can be attested to by his or her clients. Hiring a credible and reputable lawyer is essential in helping you win your legal dispute.


Having a professional, “lawyer look” is entirely different from professionalism. A lawyer may look presentable in his or her clean, tailored suit and matching briefcase, but this is not the definition of professionalism. A lawyer who understands what professionalism is clearly loves his work. A professional lawyer will attend to you in a timely manner, is punctual and can be easily reached or returns your calls. He will do the necessary research needed to win your case and can discuss matters with you in the most comfortable way possible. It will be best to look for a lawyer who can pull off a polished, professional look with matching genuine professionalism.


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